101 on how to be a Girl Boss with Sejal Kumar!

101 on how to be a Girl Boss with Sejal Kumar!

You’ve heard of her, you’ve probably seen her videos, and you will definitely relate to her! Sejal Kumar is a content creator who pursued her education from SRCC in Delhi when she decided to upload her first ever video. However, it wasn’t an impulsive move. She discovered YouTube as a community whist surfing the internet. Post which, it took her months of research to just go for it. And of course, starting off something new is definitely not easy, especially if you’re still a student. “I was talked about A LOT in my conventional commerce college for doing something out of the box. A lot of bad things were said about me, but some very good, too. That kept me going,” says Sejal.

“My first video went up 4 years ago while I was in Turkey for an internship and the video was actually a ‘Summer Style’ video that I’d uploaded back then. I got 22 subscribers on that video and I was pretty happy, even then. 4 years later, I have to say, I have the best job in the world. It’s so dynamic that it’s taught me more than any job ever would. And the truth about YouTube is that people don’t take it seriously as a full time profession (however, that’s changing with time) but it teaches you everything. You’re the one person ideating, writing, directing, producing the video & so much more,” she adds.

We’ve all heard YouTube influencers say this in the past that the key to a successful career on YouTube is: Good content, good quality and most importantly consistency. We’ve spoken to multiple YouTubers in the past, and it’s safe to say diversity adds to that list as well. Repetitive content bores your audience so it’s important to constantly keep coming up with something new. That’s exactly what Sejal’s channel stands for.

As an influencer today, the opportunities are endless and nothing is impossible. Sejal recently launched her own clothing line, in collaboration with Stalk Buy Love. She met the brand’s CEO over a cup of coffee when the idea was proposed. The profession may come across extremely glamorous and fun, but the reality is that it’s A LOT of hardwork and long hours and it was during our conversation with her, we realized that she has no off days whatsoever.

“I remember receiving my first ever email from Lifestyle for a business collaboration. It was when I was at 1,000 subscribers. I knew I could only create a full time career from YouTube if it would be lucrative. So, it was important to also generate revenue from it. However, as a content creator, my aim is always to keep the audience first,” says Sejal.

Sejal has managed to take her YouTube career from 22 subscribers on her first video to (almost) a 1 Million subscribers 380 videos later. So here’s her advice for anyone looking to build a YouTube career (take notes, maybe?), “Do a lot of research before starting your channel. And, once you have, be very patient. Give your channel at least a year’s time. Also, start a channel only if you truly love creating content and videos and then just go for it and hopefully, you will never have to look back.”

As we were parting ways from Sejal, we quickly asked her to tell us what her work meant to us and it’s honestly the most candid thing you’ll hear today. “A part of my life, not my entire life!” she said with a big smile on her face.

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