Aayushman Sinha’s journey from an event promoter to India’s youngest Artist manager!

Aayushman Sinha’s journey from an event promoter to India’s youngest Artist manager!

Aayushman Sinha (Founder, OnStage Talents) is someone who started off when he was as young as 15 years old. He was always interested in Events and at the age of 15, he started working as an event promoter where he’d sell concert tickets and provide access to nightclubs. Sounds cool, right? He did this till he was 20 and built an extremely strong network for himself. At 20 in his 2nd year of college, he launched his own digital marketing start up i.e. Hashtag Media Solutions which primarily focused on Youth Marketing and building digital brands. At 21 he was awarded as India’s Most Influential Social Media Professional for his work with Hashtag Media. Sounds perfect? It is, except he found his passion in something completely different.

That same year he started managing DJ Chetas (They knew each other from his early days as an event promoter), and seeing the success of their work he got more clients on board like Lost stories. Few months into artist management, he understood this was his true calling and gave up Hashtag and focused on artist management as a full time source of work. Post which, he signed Armaan Malik and the trio of Chetas, Lost Stories and Armaan did wonders for him. At 22, he started off On Stage Talents. In our opinion, you can start off at any time you want. You could be 60 and decide to start something new or at 16. For Aayushman, age definitely played in his favor. It gave him enough time to make mistakes and learn from them and realize what he’s truly passionate about, which is key. “The earlier you start the more leeway you have to make mistakes. People treat you as the kid in the room and let go off your mistakes. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the most whacked out ideas that have ever come to my mind,” says Aayushman. If you’re young and have an idea you see potential in, just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen, anyway?

Lost Stories, Armaan Malik, Aayushman Sinha & DJ Chetas (from left to right) 

Entrepreneurship comes with its own set of risks, challenges, and anxiety to be honest. For him it was about convincing his family to pursue his own business rather than settling for a job (especially when you have great offers on the table). “Another big challenge for me was to willingly shutdown a fully functional and well growing business like Hashtag. I had just won an award for our work – I had clients who were extremely happy with their service but to realize that this isn’t my calling and to leave all the money I was making off it and moving on to setup something completely different was a call which was one I always pray I don’t regret. You need to know when to draw the line as an entrepreneur and this comes from within, there’s no study which can help you decode this,” says Aayushman.

When you’re managing such big names, it comes with its own set of responsibilities and pressure. “As managers we put in our everything behind an artist and think solely of them at all situations. The recognition against the same I’ve seen is negligible. There are very few artists who understand the value of their team and keep on pushing and appreciating them to achieve new goals. I’m blessed to work with some of the best in this way,” he adds. This year, all his artists are going to be coming up with a lot of new content and collaborations!

His advice to everyone starting up is slightly different from what you’ve read up here in the past. He’s not asking you to have a plan or be patient. He says, “Honestly don’t over think it. Give your venture 6 months, if you see growth, potential or good returns stick on and go ahead, if you don’t then move onto something else. The more you think about it you’re just wasting time. Go with your impulse, trust your gut and hustle your dreams into reality.”

But damn right – hustle your dreams into reality.

As he works on his empire, visit him at: Website 


  1. Vow what a story.

  2. Yes early age to start is really advantage. We can follow for our kida. All the best aayushman.

  3. Thanks ASD to give such motivating stories to start our own. Thanks a million…..

  4. Such an amazing story. Thank you guys for sharing!

  5. Shaheen Lakdawala says:

    It’s interesting to know the back story of these guys. He rightly said that they put in so much hardwork with no credit. Just amazing

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