He dreams, therefore he is – In conversation with Siddharth Kannan

He dreams, therefore he is – In conversation with Siddharth Kannan

Siddharth Kannan started his journey at the Times FM (Now called, Radio Mirchi) at the age of 14. This happened to him earlier on when he shifted to Bombay while he still figuring out what he could do till he starts school again. “I clearly remember, this one time when my brother and I were sitting together. He worked at Times FM, Delhi and suggested that I could record a demo and he’d put it through. So, we recorded it then and there, at home. I recall, we could hear the fan noise, utensils at the back, but it worked. I got through and soon made it to the Limca Book of records for being the youngest Radio Jockey in the country,” says Siddharth. As he recalls his journey, he confidently says, if there was one thing that worked for him then was his ‘fearlessness’. Being fearless didn’t mean he’d use under the belt humour to win hearts. It meant, that he didn’t have a constant need to impress anyone and was just being himself. That worked for the audience and he has held onto that, ever since. It took me only 2 years to realize that I wanted to be in the entertainment space. So at 16, I knew exactly where I wanted to be.

However, Kannan has found home to his creativity in a lot of other fields over the last few years. Apart from being a RJ, he hosts TV shows, he’s a voice over artist (Fun fact: Recall the voice that says “And the award goes to” at IIFA? Well that’s him), he’s also a YouTuber. “You know I was told a lot before I actually started my YouTube channel, that I should have one. But to be honest, I only felt like people with not enough work do it. But, I now realize how wrong I was. Because it was only after I took the plunge of starting my own channel, I realized what that platform can do. It has only been a year since I’ve started my channel, and I’ve seen massive numbers ever since,” adds Kannan.

His work on TV has been nothing short of remarkable either. It started with his show on Zoom with Baba Seghal where they were responsible for changing the channel from a lifestyle to Bollywood. The more recent ones are – The ‘Super Fight League’  in January and February each year, and towards the end of the year, he shoots for ‘The Boxing League.’ His role on both these shows isn’t just to anchor, but it’s to bridge the gap between sports and entertainment. Apart from this, he’s working on a new show on all D2H platforms where he interviews all celebrity couples which is to launch soon.

“It’s taken a long time to do things the way I do. I remember this one particular instance, where I asked a particular celebrity this question, and her PR team immediately asked me to drop it and move to the next question. And the question wasn’t something that would make her feel uncomfortable. So, I put the mic aside and asked the star if she had a problem with the questions asked only because they were a little unconventional. She told her team to let me be, because she loved my work. Later, I took that interview to a big label and they loved it too. Ever since, I make conscious effort to make change. Because, the way I see it is, if, we as hosts don’t make change our content will never evolve. As a result of which, you as an audience will only see the same thing because we are all a part of the same food chain at the end of the day,” he says. Siddharth is a true example of what successful multi-tasking looks like. He excels at everything he does. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to try your hand at different things at the same time. For all you know, you may do well at all, or find a passion in at least one.

If there’s one tip he can give is to be nothing but yourself and to add a method to your madness. Those two together, will give you results that’ll surprise yourself.

With this our festive spirits being high, Kannan has just helped us add to it with his positive energy and free spirited nature.

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  1. Dam good interview. What a journey. All the best Kannan.

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