Find an insight, and make it your career – In conversation with Akshay Gupta

Find an insight, and make it your career – In conversation with Akshay Gupta

Akshay Gupta, is the Co-Founder, of India’s largest Pet Festival, Pet Fed. The festival takes place across 3 cities, each year which basically is the most fun event for pets and pet lovers. Soon after Akshay completed his bachelors in 2013, he started working as a part of his family business. However, a year later, he realized that he wanted to branch out and do something of his own.

As a part of their initial brain storming, he cashed on the insight that there are a lot of events & festivals that existed for humans. But, there was nothing for pets. Especially in India, most places are still not pet friendly (while that is changing YoY). That means, there’s very little for pet parents and pets to do together, or even for pet lovers for that matter. These insights, along with his passion for animals, led to the birth of Pet Fed.

However, it’s one thing to have an idea and it’s completely different to make it happen. “The first year was the toughest. Given that nothing like this existed, we had nothing to learn from. So it was constant trial and error, till we figured what works. And also, given that the concept was so different, it was difficult to pitch to sponsors at first. We had no sponsors at all in our first year, so me, along with my partner invested all our money on our own. But thank god, it all worked out,” says Akshay with a smile.

For some of you, who may not have attended this before, here’s how it works – you buy a ticket at the counter to enter the festival. There are multiple fun activities for your pets (our favorite is the fashion show, it’s quite a sight). There are also multiple stalls selling different and cool products. And of course, you can get yourself some amazing food there too, in the company of some of the cutest pets. In a nutshell, you can spend a couple of hours there, and you won’t even know it.

They’re currently present in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore but also plan on extending to Hyderabad and Pune by the end of this year. Putting each event together for them is a lot of work. They have an extremely strong core team and also have a lot of volunteers that help ensure the show goes on during the event. More often than not, before each event they end up having multiple sleepless nights because of the detailing required. However, Akshay laughs and tells us that it’s all worth it because of the number of pets that attend the festival.

Pet Fed is now in their fifth year of business, and if there’s one advice Akshay can share with any budding entrepreneur from his own experience is “Be patient. Business are not built overnight and neither is success. There is a gestation period for everything, but keep going at it and you will not be disappointed.” We were also curious to know what it’s like when your partner in your personal life is also the partner of the company, “Working with a partner is amazing, especially when you’re married to her. Ashna (Co-founder, Pet Fed), takes care of a lot of things within the company and the best part is I can always blindly rely on her,” he adds.

Of Love, Hard work & Four Legged friends – all things that make Pet Fed.

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