Her first workout was when she was 12. A few years later, that became her career.

Her first workout was when she was 12. A few years later, that became her career.

Urmi Kothari, or popularly also known as Coach Urmi, started her journey into fitness at an age as early as 12. She started working out only to try her hand at something new, but in a month’s time, she was completely hooked onto it. While, working out was a part of her daily routine, 21 years later, it’s now a part of her career. However, the transition to taking it up professionally happened when she decided to become a professional dancer. She was in Kerala for her training, during which she spent a lot of time understanding her body and trying different forms of dance and fitness. When she came back, her friends and family were curious to know all that she’d learned. It was at that time did she realize how much she enjoyed the process of teaching and being fit. Post this, she decided to spend some time learning and therefore, took up a certification. And, after all of this, did she decide to start her own brand named ‘Kinetic Living’, whilst she continued her other certifications.

“I’ve always known that I didn’t just want to be a personal trainer. I knew I wanted to do a lot of other things and diversify with fitness, beyond a trainer too, so that is exactly what I’ve always worked towards. Along the way, what I also realized was to change mind-sets. Because, when I started out in 2012, most people only wanted to take fitness seriously because their end goal was weight loss. While that’s great, fitness is a lifestyle and a way of living. And thankfully, with time, that perception is changing,” says Urmi.

Something we can all commonly agree on is that taking up fitness professionally isn’t easy. It takes a lot of physical energy and if it isn’t balanced well, it can be a problem. For Urmi too, a challenge she has always faced was not giving herself enough rest and constantly going at it. She realized it the tough way (after a few back injuries and spasms), that no matter what, it’s important to give your body the required rest. Pro Tip: If you’re trainer, beginner or just a fitness enthusiast, always remember to give your body a break.

What was interesting to know was how she built her business and on boarded all the clients she has today. “Honestly, thankfully, I started off at a time where there weren’t as many women trainers. So that gave me an early movers advantage to easily get recognized and noticed. However, it’s hard work, combined with good work that can only help one get clients. Also, word of mouth goes a long way. Because, if people like your work, they won’t hesitate recommending you to their friends and family,” says Urmi.

It wouldn’t be fair to speak to a fitness coach and not have her share a piece of advice to our readers, so here goes –

1. Understand your body. Try and know what works for you and what doesn’t.

2. Always start small, start with setting a small goal first and trying achieving that first. You’ll be motivated enough to go on once you see results.

3. Manage your nutrition well.

And now, if you’re looking to take up fitness professionally, just like her, here are some wise words, “Don’t back out at the first sign of difficultly, both mentally and physically. There are going to be many hurdles, literally and metaphorically, so just keep going on,” she says with a smile on her face.

We hope she and our story has motivated you enough to go work out this weekend.

And, if you haven’t begun your workout already, you can know more about her at: Instagram


  1. Vow, so amazing. Thanks ASD. It’s worth waiting for your new stories.

  2. Right story at right time. Yes now all arehealth conscious n get more motivated to do exercise regular.

  3. Hi Urmi, good to know from age of 12. Keep it up.

  4. Sachdev Singh says:

    Fantastic story! So inspired and motivated. Also want to take a moment to use your platform and tell people to #PrayForOdisha 🙏🏻

  5. Yes I don’t do work out on weekends but after reading your article going to be in gym both the days😆

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