From the girl next door, to the event every door – A chatty session with Riddhima Jain

From the girl next door, to the event every door – A chatty session with Riddhima Jain

Riddhima Jain (Founder, The Midas Touch) has done her under graduation from Cardiff University, post which she worked there for a travel agency handling all their online and offline marketing. After 8 long years of being in the United Kingdom, she finally decided to come back to India. She worked for another agency after moving back. Somewhere along the way, she realized doing a typical 9-5 job is not what she enjoyed and found herself looking for ways to bring out her creativity. That’s when she decided to start her own venture within the gifting solutions space. However, with time that has evolved to events and today The Midas Touch’s specializes in full time events.

They do all sorts of events, right from Birthday parties to Wedding/Baby showers to Bachelorettes to Mehendi celebrations to name only a few. Although, their main USP lies in how each of these events are planned. “My focus is never about how big or small the gathering or budget is. It’s always about creating an experience that’ll be treasured for the years to come. At The Midas Touch, we pay a lot of attention to detail. We create events that are a personalized experience. That’s what our niche is and that’s also what our clients love about us.  The idea of turning a normal event into an experience is all that we work for and that is what I love the most about my work too,” says Riddhima. As we spoke to her, we couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to have a cute, intimate event done by them!

Planning events comes with its own set of madness. A lot of time clients reach out to them with very little turnaround time. They’ve pulled off planning events even within 24 hours and still made sure their clients don’t suffer. Although, a week to 10 days is what they’d normally require to plan an event. Every single piece of décor used to put their event together is made completely in-house to ensure it’s made exactly the way she envisions it to be. If you’re looking for someone to help you plan a fun event in Delhi, you know who to reach out to now!

Riddhima manages each and every event all by herself. Apart from a lot of hard work, she has put together a small close knit team together. Although, even then, she ensures to manage all events personally and only uses her team to help her put it all together. “A lot of that is also because I’m a control freak and I love to multi task. A lot of times I have events back to back along with exhibitions, so it does get chaotic around then, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she adds.

Event management, even after all these years, comes with a sexist stereotype owing to the labour work and long hours the job demands. We were curious to know if that still exists. “There are so many times I go for events and male clients assume that I just overlook things instead of putting them together. When finally it’s all done, they’re surprised that it was done by me. In fact, initially, a lot of my male vendors weren’t taking me seriously. They thought I was just trying my hand at something new, until they realized that this is actually my career. Although, after being at this for a while now, these cases get fewer and fewer, so that’s a good thing. But to be honest, it’s sad when someone sees my work and says ‘I can’t believe you put this together’, because they thought so little of what a girl can do,” she says. All we can hope for is a more progressive mind set in the years to come.

She signs off saying “The Midas Touch is a cocktail made out of passion, love and lots of zing & zest.”

The only cocktail we’d rather be having this weekend!

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  1. Amazing story and great work by the team! Loved reading it. Will definitely remember them in case of an event.

    Great job team Midas Touch!

  2. Danish Bharucha says:

    Amazing story!

  3. Hi RIddhima. I am on my job since last 10 year and whenever think of leaving job one fear is always there. So when read success like this gets motivation. All the best and thanks to ASD. You guys are really great🙏

  4. Tank you ASD. Last week international and this week again a new energy booster story. Keep it up all the best to The Midas Touch

  5. How to reach out to them?

    1. Hi Riddhi,

      You can reach out to them at:

      Hope this helps!

  6. Superb!
    Will definitely reach out them for all small and big events from now on!
    Great story and very well written!

  7. Way to goo ASD ! 💕

  8. Love how she’s taking onto things despite the stereotype. Amazing!

    More power to you.

  9. I love how along with big accomplishments y’all are also covering stories of smaller homegrown businesses and bringing those to light. This is one such business and will make note for the future.

    1. Hi RIddhima really nice read about your growth. Keep going. All the best. ASD to read ur success story is a treat

  10. Love their work!! Awesome.

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