Great taste, great stay and a great experience is exactly what Soma Vineyards stand for!

Great taste, great stay and a great experience is exactly what Soma Vineyards stand for!

Mr. Pradeep Pachpatil (Founder, Soma Vineyards & Village, Nashik) started off his career with a French winery after completing his post graduation in organic chemistry. He found his passion in the field right from the word go. He started off working with Chateau Indage and then went on to work at Sula Vineyards. After a 13 year long stint he decided to move on as Vice President, Sula Vineyards, and went on to follow his dream of having his own boutique winery. The idea of Soma vine village came about when Mr. Pachpatil decided to let out his own farm house. Seeing the popularity the farm house gained, he made the decision of expanding and having his own resort, now called as Soma Vine Village and supporting that with wine tourism.

“Quitting a comfortable job has been one of my biggest challenges, but it was my dream. I’ve seen success of boutique winery’s internationally. I’ve travelled to a lot of countries, seen them make wine and learned a lot as well. But I’ve never forgotten what the Indian palate wants, and that’s exactly what I aim to create,” says Mr. Pachpatil.

Starting your own business doesn’t come easy. It has its own sets of challenges and one can only succeed if you beat them, head on. For him, he faced a lot of licensing issues in his initial days. Managing logistics and equipment’s came as a whole new challenge. Having said this, given his past experience in the field made it a lot easier to be prepared. The monsoons are also a challenge for the vineyards. Although, for them, hospitality is at its peak at the time during the monsoons and there are no surprises there. For a property that overlooks a lake and the mountains with great wine, it makes it the perfect getaway. We have you thinking about a holiday, don’t we?

Contrary to the popular belief, making wine is not just a result of crushing grapes. There’s a science to it and one mistake and lead to a bad batch. “For any wine business, the first 3 years are the most crucial and probably the toughest. Only reason being, whatever you produce, can’t be sold. But, I’m in my fifth harvest this year and our growth has been 100% from last year. This year alone, we’ll sell more than 90,000 liters’ worth wine. Fun fact, highest wine consumers come from Maharashtra i.e. close to 60%. The remaining 40% come from other cities across India. This is also because, Maharashtra doesn’t need wholesalers for wine, we can directly sell bottles to the retailers. We also export internationally and we are looking at constantly expanding,” he adds. If you have an interest in this industry, we hope this is insightful!

Hospitality is definitely a booming business in India at the moment. If you’re someone looking to start something of your own, his key tip would be to get great experience. To work under someone and understand how the business works. Also, before starting up, it’s important to be extremely precautious with all your paperwork and licensing. Lastly, it’s important to be a people’s person. That’s key in the service industry.

On a closing note, he laughs and says “Life is beautiful, enjoy it with great wine.”

On that wine-derful note, happy weekend, folks!

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Please note: Your friends at A Success Diary, urge you to drink responsibly. We in no way promote the consumption of alcohol.


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    Any idea if they are available during Diwali?

    Also credit to the guy who has created this. Fantastic I must say..

    1. Hello, Deepak. While you can’t tag people here, you can definitely share the article with your friends and family. All you need to do is click the social icons at the end of the article and choose who you’d like to share it with.
      Regarding their Diwali availability, you can check the same on their website. We’ve linked it at the end. Or you could write to them at
      Lastly, we’re glad you liked his story and hope it has left you inspired.

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