When health meets taste – In conversation with Anuj Rakyan, Founder RAW Pressery

When health meets taste – In conversation with Anuj Rakyan, Founder RAW Pressery

Very often do people say, whatever happens, happens for the best. It sounds extremely clichéd and preachy, to be honest. But something we learned as we spoke to Anuj Rakyan (Founder and Managing Director at RAW Pressery) was to take the best from every situation.

Okay, we’ll stop sounding preachy and just get to the point. The idea of RAW Pressery came to Anuj while he was nursing from an injury himself. He was asked to increase the protein intake in his diet, but being a vegetarian, fruits and leafy vegetables became his only option. That’s when he started looking up recipes and blending the produce together. He discovered that nutrition from fresh fruit and vegetables can be absorbed directly by the bloodstream if it’s consumed as a juice. That’s when the idea of making healthy  & tasty food came together and gave birth to RAW Pressery.

“We conducted a survey right after launching the product. The survey was targeted to mothers and asked one simple question- ‘which packaged beverage is healthy for your child, that you won’t feel guilty giving them?’ The answers to this question were testimony to the fact that the Indian market had never seen an honestly healthy beverage that mothers won’t feel guilty in giving their loved ones. This became the proof of space that we could fit in and create a niche for ourselves,” says Anuj. Pro tip: Research is key. And, if your product or service is solving a problem in the market, it will sell.

The functional beverage space has grown over the past few years expanding choices for the Indian consumer. Most brands in the category might not be honest healthy beverages. So what makes RAW different? As India’s leading clean label beverage brand, they stand tall on their promise of ALL GOOD. NO BAD. Fresh juice in a bottle with fruits that come from farms and not labs – without any added sugar, preservatives or chemicals. This transparency has been one of their greatest differentiators which consumers both nationally and internationally recognize and commend about the brand.

They’ve recently secured a series C round of funding of INR 39 Cr from reputed venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital and DSG Partners. With the fresh capital, they aim to expand their distribution strength in India & the Middle East as well as focus on new product developments. In 2017 alone, they’ve seen a growth of 120% from 2016 and hope to achieve a lot more in 2018.

However, this journey hasn’t been easy, like any other. We asked Anuj about his struggles and how he overcame them, so he said, “When we had just expanded the business to Delhi and Bangalore distribution was routed through third party vendors. This meant air freighting plus on-ground logistics to ensure that the product reached the store in time. At that point in time, it was imperative that the product reaches the consumer in time with the same attention to quality and detail as in Mumbai. But the same didn’t happen. We had customer complaints on bad product and late deliveries. It was a bad start to the expanding business. We turned the tide and decided to run our own logistics to cater to all the new markets that we wished to expand to.”

They are currently available in 29 different cold pressed juices, smoothies, booster shots and soups. This year they plan on expanding their portfolio to introduce new product categories such as nut milk, probiotics and alkaline water. In the coming years they hope to foray into healthy snacks, nutriments and baby food too.

His only tip to anyone starting up would be, “never stop believing in yourself.” He didn’t give up and now owns India’s largest and leading cold pressed beverage company.

So, go get it and don’t give up!

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  1. Ketan joshi says:

    I always have RAW juices. V good product and nice to know about there growth.

  2. Priti mahadevan says:

    Thanks ASD. Everytime we get to know the different mantra to get success from your interviews. Thanks a lot n all the best to RAW

  3. Yummy taste. V really enjoy all products. Yes luved there promise All Good. NO Bad……..

  4. Suraj kotwani says:

    In my family my daughter to my mother everyone read your success stories. Always wait for new one. Keep it up…………

  5. What a guy and what a read!
    Great stuff.

  6. Divesh Memon says:

    I run a start up myself and would love to be featured on your site. What’s the process?

    1. Hi, Divesh! You can write to us at to take this ahead 🙂

  7. Afzana Shaikh says:

    Though it is expensive, it is worth every penny. It tastes very good and has all the nutritions into it from personal experience speaking.

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