Here’s how Archana Walavalkar got the entire nations style cracking!

Here’s how Archana Walavalkar got the entire nations style cracking!

Archana Walavalkar, Co-founder, StyleCracker got a degree in apparel manufacturing and design from SNDT and then went on to working for L’Officiel magazine as a stylist and then worked as a fashion editor with Vogue. She found her passion in fashion at a very early age. However, at 25, she found herself looking for more. She realized, she wanted something that can challenge her and can solve a real problem. That’s how, StyleCracker came into being.

StyleCracker, comes with a vision to make India stylish. She has been a stylist for Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai to name only a few. So with StyleCracker, her goal was to take it a step ahead and make it easy to dress well and to be the stylist to every Indian. “The editorial space that I came from was very different than what we do now at StyleCracker. It’s a completely different target audience, concept, new everything. So it was like starting afresh. We had to start with addressing the real gap in the market— personalization and use styling paired with intelligent technology to change the way fashion is consumed. Once we settled in and amped up our strengths, it was just about giving the user a right combination of product, technology and a seamless customer experience. StyleCracker’s core value proposition revolves around deep personalization at scale, unmatched convenience in user experience as well as value driven, unique supply,” says Archana.

For a young, ambitious company like StyleCracker that has a unique online and offline model, it contributes to building tremendous scale along with strong cash flows. The Company’s ability to combine the best of personalization through celebrity stylists along with infinitely scalable technology makes it a very unique platform built for the modern Indian consumer at scale. StyleCracker has witnessed exponential growth over the last 12 months since they launched the StyleCracker box. They’ve also grown 150% quarter on quarter. Today, they own India’s largest fashion festival — The StyleCracker Borough.

If you guys didn’t know this already, StyleCracker is co-owned by Alia Bhatt. We were curious to know more about the collaboration. “Alia and I began our journey into Bollywood together with Student of The Year and we’ve been working closely since then. I’ve styled her for 3 other films: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Shaandar, Kapoor & Sons. She’s someone who’s always known about StyleCracker since before its inception. Who better than, Alia Bhatt— India’s no.1 youth and style icon to be a co-owner at StyleCracker. We are excited to have Alia as an investor, advisor and confidante in the business since she has incredible finger on pulse of the Indian consumer. She brings tremendous insight to our team and fabulous ideas on the product. StyleCracker’s customer and employees relate seamlessly to her,” she adds.

What empowers Archana every single day is her ability to style so many individuals and making them feel great about the way they dress every day. Although, everything she has achieved so far comes with taking new risks every day and having no guarantee. Pro Tip: You are going to have to take risks to achieve something. However, always take calculated risks.

If there was a tip she could give all budding entrepreneurs, it would be, “There’s no substitute for hard work. It’s all about about getting your hands dirty and diving into the thick of things. You have to remember to be positive and believe in yourself even through difficult times. The key is to never give up. And always pick common sense and logic over any guideline or rule.” We couldn’t agree more!

She signs off by telling us how they came up with the name StyleCracker. They wanted a name that represented the brand and when they heard the name, it just fit so well, they immediately knew it was the one. It took a lot of brainstorming and their aim is to crack your style – hence, StyleCracker.

So this weekend, let’s crack our styles?

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