Gurukeerthi Gurunathan went from an employee to Co-Founder at Caratlane

Gurukeerthi Gurunathan went from an employee to Co-Founder at Caratlane

Hasn’t the title left you a tad bit confused? Let’s clear this for you. Prior to joining Caratlane, he was leading an engineering team at Yahoo! Gurukeerthi joined CaratLane in 2012, when there were only about 60 employees. Initially when he started off within the company, he was hired in the engineering team, and his profile included handling all tech related issues. He built the team in Chennai all by himself and with time, his profile expanded far beyond tech and before he knew it he was completely involved in the business. Which is when his seniors realized the level of ownership and responsibility he handled in the business and was announced co-founder in 2016. Sounds like a dream, right? Pro Tip: Great work and loyalty can result to things beyond imagination.

We were curious to know more about how overwhelming this is. “Personally for me, it’s been the best in my 18 years of my career so far. We have an excellent and smart set of people we work with. It’s great to see the growth of CaratLane in the last few years. CaratLane is addressing an important need of ‘affordable designer jewellery’. The joy of fulfilling the need of consumers and making them happy when they wear or gift a CaratLane jewellery is what keeps us going,” he says.

Apart from job satisfaction, their number game is quite strong too. The company is gunning for a strong 300 Cr this fiscal year with a 100% growth in the next year. Apart from that, their goal for 2018 is to rapidly grow their retails chains. They also have a lot of new launches planned on the online front as well. Let’s watch out for the rest, shall we?

Usually we always have a piece of advice for those starting up, but here’s something for those working with corporates, “One shouldn’t work only for the sake of career growth. I think it’s very important that you enjoy the work that you do, otherwise you are better off finding or starting a company that’ll best fit your needs. Success will eventually happen but that depends on how much you love your job,” says Gurukeerthi. He couldn’t have articulated it any better. Loving your job can really take you places!

The startup culture has been on the rise in the past few years. India is undergoing a major change in consumer behavior. India is the only country in the world with such a large diversity in consumer preferences and behaviour. This opens lots of opportunities to startup and making it big. “I think a right combination in the order of Problem(need), Passion, People(team) and Patience should lead to success. ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts’” he says quoting Winston S. Churchill.

On a parting note, he says “CaratLane is my second home where I am one of the 3 home makers” with pride and passion.

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  1. Arjun sinha says:

    Excellent growth story. Luved the advise loving your job can take you to places 👍

  2. I always luv to see designs of caratlane. They are dam good.

  3. Pallavi Malde says:

    Very well written. Nice story! Love reading this site <3

  4. Rosy fernandes says:

    Thanks to ASD. All type of success story we get to know from your site. So much in motivation we get. Thanks once again keep it up

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