Her insecurities didn’t break her, they made her!

Her insecurities didn’t break her, they made her!

We’ve seen a friend, or perhaps, been bullied while growing up. We can only imagine the toll it would take on one’s self confidence. Stefy Gupta, found herself coping up with these issues earlier on. As time passed, she understood the importance of self care and self love, which then intrigued her interest in fashion. Because she didn’t have too many people to confide into while growing up, she befriended the art of writing to pen down all her thoughts. That habit gradually led to a passion in writing. When her interest in fashion met her passion for writing – fashion blogging became an organic choice. It’s funny how life turns out, right?

Although, it’s one thing to write or dress for yourself and it’s a completely different ball game to put yourself out there. Stefy says, “I faced a lot of challenges when I started out. Given that I was extremely self-conscious and scared of people judging me, it wasn‘t easy. But, I knew that I that I didn’t want that thought to rule my life. So, I just went for it. I also have to give my mother credit for it. She really stuck by my side all those times when I doubted myself. I’ve worked really hard for everything and today I proudly say I have built a community of 1.5Lakh users on Instagram.” Pro Tip: Sometimes all it takes is to just go for it. The rest will work out if you’re at it!

She has now diversified into blogging about travel, lifestyle & fitness, apart from fashion. Her goal is to be the girl next door. She aims to keep her content – real, relatable and fresh. She strongly believes, that every person is gorgeous in their own way and for the times you’re feeling low, the only thing that will help is the inspiration you’ll find within yourself. She runs her blog by the name ‘Stand gorgeous’ only because that’s something she truly believes in. We couldn’t agree anymore with her school of thought!

If you’re blogger starting out, her only piece of advice would be – “Just go for it. Don’t ever let the fear of putting yourself out there, stop you. Secondly, never think about the money. If your content is good, it’ll make money automatically.” With a story like hers, if she could, a lot of us can!

Her positive outlook and passion was truly refreshing and definitely reflects in all that she does.

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  1. Vow stefy. Really happy to read your success story. Keep it up……

  2. It’s really v motivating story. After reading get courage to start of our own. Thanks ASD to give such stories. 👍

  3. ASD it’s worth waiting for sat for your new success stories. We luv you guys. So many new things we get to know from your site. Keep it up and yes all the best to stefy. 😊

  4. Too good to read. I just thought she is fashion blogger only but good to know she started with life style also. All the best

  5. Truly inspirational God bless.

  6. ASD yours is the best site to follow. We get to read for all. And v well written. Keep it up team ASD and all the best to stefy Gupta.

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