Leeza Mangaldas – Why Be Just One Thing When You Can Be Everything You Want to Be!

Leeza Mangaldas – Why Be Just One Thing When You Can Be Everything You Want to Be!

Leeza Mangaldas is a TV presenter, emcee, YouTuber, writer, social media influencer & an all-round achiever! As you can probably tell, she likes to defy easy categorization. “Why be just one thing when you can be everything you want to be?” is the mantra that has shaped her career trajectory.

She started out anchoring shows for a news channel and when her first series went on air, she began receiving enquiries to emcee. Being a people’s person herself, she loves feeding off the energy of a live audience.

When asked what her favorite emceeing gig has been so far, she recalls the night hosted a Style awards evening for a newspaper, and Ranveer Singh was going to be winning the final award. When he came on stage to receive it, he started off with how incredibly well hosted the evening was. That to her, will always be a night to remember!

We asked her how she landed the opportunity to report on the Indian Super League? Well, In 2015, she hosted a show about sports achievers on Times Now. The talent team at Start Sports happened to watch it and invited her to audition to host the ISL that season. She bagged it and has been reporting for the ISL ever since. Being a presenter on ISL has given her the opportunity to interview the greats of the game like Sunil Chhetri. “He truly is a legend. He’s extremely smart, extremely humble, and extremely professional. It’s always a pleasure to interview him, and he’s super articulate with his insights,” she adds.

Additionally, 2 years ago, she also started a YouTube channel. She says, “It’s always been important to me to address topics like sexuality, self-esteem, gender, love, relationships, body image — topics that we think about a lot but don’t talk about enough. The intention was to normalize and encourage such conversations. Specially as women, we’re so often made to feel like we cannot and should not talk about our bodies, our desires, or our mental health — I think it’s really important that we do.” Her content is real and relatable, and that’s what makes it so admirable.

Somewhere along the way, she also built a community on social media and has worked with several beauty and lifestyle brands on digital content. However, multi-tasking as a freelancer between so many different jobs comes with its challenges, she shares.

Leeza says, “I used to be terrible at discussing money or negotiating contracts. But it’s something I’ve worked on and I’ve learned to stand up for the value I add. I also have a wonderful agency representing me — that makes the whole process much more professional. Starting out can be tough, but don’t waste your time worrying about what others think. Do it for yourself, and never for the approval of others,” we couldn’t agree more.

Leeza Mangaldas is a true example of what it’s like to break the glass ceiling. From cracking the traditionally male dominated arena that sports television can often be, to talking about topics related to sex, mental health or relationships on her YouTube channel.

She signs off by telling us that her work is what makes her excited to wake up each morning, eager to embrace each day, as it comes.

As they say, do what you love, and you won’t feel like you’re going to work, even for a day!

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