The life of a fashion stylist – In conversation with Ami Patel

The life of a fashion stylist – In conversation with Ami Patel

Ami Patel, a popular B-Town fashion stylist, shares a sneak peak of the madness that goes behind all the glam we see as viewers. Ami started her career at Elle in the Graphics team. During her time at Elle, she had to create and style images. Those images were of all kinds, food, people or even products. The level of conceptualization was almost like Graphic Art on a human body. Soon enough, she started being a part of shoots as well. That naturally allowed her to source clothes, style and understand the aesthetics of a shot better. She enjoyed the process so much, she immediately knew the direction she wanted to take up, that is, of being a stylist.

“I’m not somebody who defines my career. I’m an extremely organic person. So when I started styling for the magazine, it made me extremely happy. It was just something that I enjoyed and I knew I wanted to continue doing it. Only a few years ago, I felt like I needed to take styling in another direction. That’s when I got into celebrity styling,” said Ami.

We were curious to know how she found her way into celebrity styling as a freelancer after her stint with Elle. She bumped in Priyanka Chopra in London at Oxford Street. They got into a random conversation where PeeCee mentioned that she was looking for a stylist; and she immediately asked Ami if she’d like to style her. Right from that moment, there was no looking back from Ami. She now styles for  Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Kangana Ranaut to name only a few. It’s funny what life has in store, right?

Her great work is recognized by everyone in the industry. However, there is lot of hard work and dedication that she has put into getting where she is. She has kept at it and never given up despite of how sick or tired she is.

However, it’s very easy for Fashion critics to dismiss something that has been styled. “It’s natural for your work to not always be a hit. Plus, not everyone is going to like everything you do anyway. So to me, it doesn’t really matter. For me, it’s just about giving it my best. Post which, it doesn’t really matter what’s being written about my work,” she says.

She has a simple tip for any one starting out – “Love what you do. Because if you love what you do, there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals.” It may be a simple tip, but it can definitely go a long way.

As viewers, all we see is the end result. Although, there’s a lot of effort, madness and disaster management that takes place behind the scenes. She recalls one such instance when she doing a fashion shoot with Ujwala Rao for L’Officiel. “We had only 2 days and the shoot was all the way from Central Park to Brooklyn. We started from Brooklyn on the first day, and right after we got the first shot, it started pouring and it just wouldn’t stop. The photographer insisted on taking all the shots under Brooklyn bridge, but for me, I just couldn’t allow that since it was luxury magazine. Nobody listened to me because the entire team was the photographers. I almost wanted to give up but I insisted we try taking only one shot against the New York skyline, where Ujwala is holding the umbrella and I on the other hand will take the other umbrella and ensure the equipment doesn’t get wet. We took one shot, and it looked absolutely stunning. The team and I decided to take all our shots in the rain and it was totally worth it.”

So our point is, no matter how crazy it gets, never give up just like she never did!

Have a look at some of her work at: Instagram


  1. Liza Fernandes says:

    Amazing story. Ami Patel I use to know her from her name but happy to read her success story. Keep it up

  2. I always luved PC and her clothing style. Never knew Ami Patel worked with her. Good to know.

  3. Bhumi trivedi says:

    Hi Ami. Osam to read your path of success. Something to learn. Thanks ASD everytime something new. We luv you

  4. Yeeee ASD is going international.wait to read international success story. ASD team you guys rocks……….. And Ami you also rocks great work

  5. Nirav joshi says:

    Ami Patel good to know about you.i am in fashion design n good to know that if we work hard there is a lot of scope. All the best to you

  6. Really good to read. Just read about that rain incident n really appreciate. Nice to read and all the best Ami patel

  7. Hi Ami. Great to see you with Bollywood girls. Proud of you.

  8. Preeti Shah says:

    Interesting story. Your website is so refreshing and different from the others.
    More power to you!

  9. Wow! I did not know that Ami Patel styled so many high profile people. Great to know about it. Amazing story!

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