101 on having your own media agency with Mr. Rajesh Jain!

101 on having your own media agency with Mr. Rajesh Jain!

Rajesh Jain, Founder, Prachar communications, a national media agency giant has been in business for over 25 years now. They provide 360-degree media solutions for some of the biggest clients. Rajesh Jain, founder, Prachar communications tells us all about setting up his empire far ahead of time. He is a Chartered Accountant by education with a family business in textiles, but a strong passion in media.

While, he started off within the textile industry, he realized right in his initial days that although there is monetary satisfaction, he lacks job satisfaction with what he was doing. In 1993, Zee Entertainment Television had just launched. Mr. Jain took a brave decision of reaching out to Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairperson Essel Group. He managed to help Mr. Chandra get a few clients on board during their initial days. While he was given the idea of starting his own advertising agency several times, to him it didn’t seem like a viable option. Because, working on commission was not something he wanted to do. However, Mr. Chandra pushed him into taking up his passion and helped through his initial days.

“I was new to the concept of advertising, but there was one thing I understood very well and i.e. Indian businesses truly understand the importance of money. So if I help them save some money, they’ll listen to me and want to work with me,” said Mr. Jain. They reached out to Jet Airways at the time. However, they worked with an extremely well reputed global ad agency, making it extremely hard to get the business. They spoke to them for an outdoor campaign. Jet’s then agency quoted 1.5 Crores, while Prachar communications went back quoting 1 Crore for the same campaign. And that’s how, Jet Airways happened to be their first client. “Naresh Goyal, Chairperson, Jet Airways, was extremely apprehensive about giving the business to us since we had no experience. I still remember, he even came with me scouting for the hoardings they wanted. We delivered exactly what they wanted and there was no looking back from there,” he added.

There was nothing stopping them, hereon. They reached out to multiple clients and became their agency on record in no time. They also set up a supporting creative team apart from handling media. 25 years later, they’re still working with the same set of clients and many more. What really got us was the fact that they ride on being a client’s agency and THEN a media agency. While media helps them make their commission, they are only loyal to their clients. In 1996, they started working with Emami with a budget of 1 Crore, and today they continue doing some great work for them with a budget of close to 400 Crores.

In the next 5 years, they’re gunning to make Pracher Communications a company worth 3000 Crores, while they’re currently at 1500 Crores. (No guys, there’s no typo with the number of zeros there). “It took me 25 years to grow the company to 1500 Crores, but all I need is 5 more years to grow the company to same number. And I have this confidence in the company only because of the belief of our clients,” says Mr. Jain.

If you’re considering to start your own agency or have one already, here are a few tips that will definitely help you:

1. Nothing comes before the brand and the client. NOTHING.

2. Be honest with your client, your people and yourself. After all, we all have to sleep at night, right?

3. To stand out from the clutter of the industry, make sure your work speaks for itself.

Mr. Jain parts by giving us an extremely heartfelt analogy. He says, “Prachar is my lifeline. Just like how a mother gets happiness while giving birth to her child. For me, Prachar gives me that happiness, because I’ve created it with everything I had.”

Speaking to him gave us an insight into what it’s like when hard work results to sweet success. We hope for all of us to see that someday.

Until then, let’s work for it!

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  1. Navin thakur says:

    Vow happy to read and really feels motivated. Reading such stories takes out fear of starting own. Thanks

  2. Reshma gupta says:

    I am in media industry and I know pracchar is well known brand in media. Happy and impressed to read growth story of them. All the best to them.

  3. Dinesh Shah says:

    A very inspiring story and insight into how to be successful. A success diary would inspire many budding entrepreneurs.

  4. Always pleasure to read your success stories. We always get motivation from your stories. It’s worth waiting……..

  5. I am also attach with media. I have heard about pracchar but happy to know the inside growth story of them. Yes happy to see Indian media Co growing so fast.

  6. Afzana Shaikh says:

    Very good story.

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