What it takes to be a YouTuber – In conversation with Sherry Shroff

What it takes to be a YouTuber – In conversation with Sherry Shroff

Sherezade Shroff (popularly known as Sherry) started off her career in modelling and landed up finding her passion in YouTube. After a few years of being at it, she now runs several channels apart from her own such as Coupling and GottaDoIndia. However, her journey has been nothing short of easy and despite of being one of the most recognized YouTubers in India, she still believes she has a long way to go. In her, we found this drive and hunger to constantly achieve more, which was extremely admirable.

When your job doesn’t feel like a job, you know you’re doing it right. Sherry Shroff is definitely an example of that. “For me this has never been a job. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. It’s an extension of who I am. Having said that, I may post on social media more often than an average person, but it in no way does it affect me because it doesn’t feel like work,” she says. As we spoke to her, we realized that what has worked for her is how real she keeps her content. Her content is truly an extension of who she is and definitely lets you be a part of her life virtually. Creating relatable content goes a long way and if you’re an upcoming YouTuber, it’s something you should keep in mind.

It has been 5 years since she uploaded her first video on YouTube with over 450 videos on her channel and she manages all of that, all by herself. She has no team but she has made multi-tasking her best friend. Having said this, what helps her manage herself effortlessly is making constant to-do lists to ensure she doesn’t miss out on anything. It also involves giving up on her sleep because she works close to 15 hours each day. So for all those of you who think YouTube is just about making pretty looking videos, the process of creating that content is a result of relentless hard work.

“I do manage a lot of lists, but I usually don’t shoot my content ahead of time. If you ask me, I probably won’t even know what next week looks like. I’m someone who loves to shoot, edit, and upload the same day. It’s a process I’ve chosen and I love it. However, in the monsoons I try shooting a day prior so that irrespective of what the weather is like, I have a video going up. I don’t really enjoy pre-shooting my content, because I just feel like it looks dated. I’ve always felt like if I shoot a video 2 months prior to its upload date, it doesn’t look as fresh. Also, digital evolves so quickly that it’s important to keep up as a YouTuber,” says Sherry. This is another interesting tip you can make note of if you’re trying your hand at YouTube. “Especially with me constantly changing my hairstyle, I definitely cannot afford to have pre filmed content,” she adds laughing.

Ideating and creating fresh content is generally a challenge most YouTubers face. In case of Sherry, she manages to keep a list of her ideas and creates them at a time that they are relevant for her viewers. For eg: She had the idea of creating a monsoon hacks video a few months ago, however, it wouldn’t be relevant then but it was on the list. As soon as people started gearing up for the monsoons, she shot and uploaded the video.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time watching YouTube, you may wonder as to how people make a living out of YouTube. So we had Sherry answer that for you –

1. : YouTube is a monetized platform and anyone can motize their content if they own rights to it: It may not be a lot of money, but it’s definitely some money. Also, YouTube is the only platform that remunerates its creators.

2. Brand tie ups and collaborations: Sponsoring content for brands on your channel or social media. However, this is something that comes at a much later stage and should never be your agenda for having a YouTube channel.

Setting up a channel is definitely a lot more than just shooting the video. “For me, I started off with shooting on my web cam. With time I learned how to edit videos. Even understanding the tech aspects was a work in progress for me. Learning how to use the meta tags or monetizing the video was something I had to learn over time,” said Sherry.

If you’re a budding YouTuber, here are two tips you could take something from. “Start small. Don’t think about equipment’s right at the beginning. Also, be very sure of your content. If your content is great, it will sell,” she added.

We hope she’s inspired you, as much as us!

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  1. I love her. She’s so inspiring. This is amazing.

  2. Anu agarwal says:

    Yeeee sherry on ASD. I don’t miss single video of her. V v happy to read about her. Sherry keep it up………..

  3. Sherry on ASD. Just can’t belive. V v happy to know about sherry. Always I have seen her vedio but really felt good to read her journey of success. Luved it

  4. Dr. R. Shah says:

    I’m a doctor and she’s inspired me so much I’m the last 2 years. Thank you for sharing time and letting us know more about her.

  5. You’re amazing Sherry ♥️ Love your work so much and thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. Went through your site and y’all have featured stories for some phenomenal people, it’s amazing.

  6. Love watching her videos…Did not know about her too much though, so thankyou ASD for it!

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