The talented and skilled Foley artist Mr. Karan Arjun Singh

The talented and skilled Foley artist Mr. Karan Arjun Singh

Karan Arjun Singh, Founder, Just Foley, was born and brought up in Mumbai at BR Films. They made the first Rock n Roll Studio in 1971 and the second in 1983. His father was working with them and thus, he could stay in the staff quarters. He used to sneak in at night and see the voice recording and Foley. On one such night, he saw a Foley artist performing live and was extremely fascinated by his craft. It was at the age of 11 did he decide that he wanted make a career only in Foley. Post that, he used to observe Foley artists every night, and eventually started doing Foley with them.

We know, a lot of you are wondering what Foley actually is. Foley is the art of reproducing everyday sound effects in Movies and Shows at the time of Post production, to enhance the experience for users like us. It could just be sounds of footsteps, a gunshot or breaking glass. Our superhero Foley artists are the ones who make it an experience for us.

“Back in the 90’s we were a team of three and Teri Maherbaniya was my first film in 1984. It started off with working extremely long nights – till 4am almost everyday, however, with time things got better because now it only depends on the project at hand. What started as an experiment is today my full time profession. I’ve come a long way to owning my studio and ensuring that we have everything needed to pull off a film,” says Mr. Karan Arjun.

Having worked on over 2,500 films, he takes pride on being associated to movies like Maine Pyar Kiya, Tezaab to Sultan, Dangal, Tiger Zinda hai to name a few. However, what’s all this worth without a great team, right? “My team is my strength. They’re very energetic and hardworking boys. We start our day at 10am and work till 10pm, sometimes till 2 or 4am depending on the work load. My Foley engineer, editor and manager is a one man army Mr. Ram Kishan Nath. Shankar Singh and Anil Pawar are my strength to pull any kind of film,” he adds.

As rosy as it may sound, it hasn’t been easy for him. His main challenge started from buying himself a home in Bombay, and then a studio. Mostly because banks don’t easily give loans stating to the fact that the film business is unstable and unsustainable. Also, the craft is underpaid leaving behind few technicians. However, with time he’s paved his way around these things.

The business is unique and unpopular. We were curious to find out what he had to say about it. “Please know your strength and don’t undermine yourself. The industry does that sometimes, but stand true to what you know you should get. There are over 200 films made in a year, and each of us can do about 40-50 a year. Which means, there’s a quantum of work and not enough resources with the same craft. So, just go for it, and listen to your gut.” He laughs and adds, “Always, ALWAYS, listen to your sound director know matter what. He knows exactly what and how much the project demands.”

Here’s wishing him more power and bigger, better films in the year to come!

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