Three brands that’ll make you fall in love with all things cute & quirky!

Three brands that’ll make you fall in love with all things cute & quirky!

1. Design Maison:

Design Masion is your one stop destination for all branding and gifting solution ideas. Not only do they have the perfect things to quirk up your work station, but over the last few months, the brand has made a rapid shift to make itself environmentally friendly. They have the cutest party supplies, such as customized paper straws or cupcake toppers too! They’re also customizing stationery boxes this festive season, along with launching Paper playing cards. You can place an order with them to customize one set (Retails at INR 600/-) or even enough to get your entire card party going!

Sanah Jain, Founder, also specializes in various branding solutions. Be it designing logos or getting your business collaterals together, she does it all! She adds a modern touch with keeping your brand essence in mind, which is what we love about her work. “My aim is to create products that are accessible in design and budget,” she adds. Sanah Jain gave us complete #BossLady vibes, since, they’ve come a long way from just one exhibition to now being available at Amazon, Propshop24, Natty, Engrave & Kraftly.

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Get your hands on their products at: Instagram 

2. Four Legged Designs: 

Are you sucker for all things paw-dorable? How do like the idea of seeing a virtual furry four legged at your work desk every morning? If you’ve said yes to either of these, Four Legged Designs is your go to brand. They have the most adorable notebooks and mugs with prints that’ll make you feel warm in the heart. They have the most apt copy written on their products, our personal favourite being the ‘Goal Digger’ mug (Retails at INR 399/-). The brand is looking at expanding themselves massively in the months to come so you can expect wall art designs, playing cards and even laser shaped animal/word pendants to name just a few.

Ashna Mistry, Founder, started off the brand as a way of expressing her passion for design and animals. “I’m a pet owner myself and that’s partly where my inspiration comes from. We also aim to keep our designs minimal and clean with pastel shades and relatable copy. Our brand rides on the distinctive pet friendly designs and premium quality for all our products,” she says. If you’re on the lookout for products that’ll make you smile every morning, your search ends here.

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Find their products at: Instagram 

3. Vidhika Agarwal Label: 

Affordable and Customizable are words that define the brand best. They started off with bringing back the concept of Greeting cards which were long forgotten. They customize greeting cards for all occasions. Although, they’ve come a long way since. They now also do cake toppers, notebooks and passport covers. They retail across stores in Jaipur and are also available on sites like Propshop24, Engrave & Bridal Affair. With the festive and wedding season upon us, the Label is looking at doing a bunch of greeting cards (Each starting at INR 50/- for bulk orders) to make your gifting experience better. They also take orders for customized Bridesmaid boxes to make sure you don’t go without your girls on your big day.

Vidhika Agarwal founded the label 2 years as an attempt to channelize her creative energy. Today, it’s her full time career and each day is an attempt to do something new. “When I started off with greeting cards, I had no idea it would sell so well. When I put them out in stores, they were completely sold out in a weeks’ time. This helped me validate what I was doing, and there was no looking back from there,” says Vidhika. This is just the start to all that they’re set out to achieve!

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Have a look at their work at: Instagram 


  1. This is interesting and nice. Please do more of these!

    Really liked the stuff from all three of them. Just amazingggg

  2. Great article. Excellent read.

    Loved the second brand. Very cute stuff.

  3. All these girls look so young. It’s great to see how people from such a young age are so determined with their path and are doing to so well.
    I’m sure my daughter will want stuff from all three of these brands. Keep it up!!

  4. Fantastic work.
    Have ordered from Design Maison earlier before, they’re amazing

  5. Wow! ASD posted a new story in the middle of the week instead of on a Saturday!
    To add to the party, instead of 1, y’all have posted 2 inspiring stories!
    This is amazing job by ASD for inspiring us in the middle of the week when we are dead tired of working everyday.
    Also the stories are very inspiring, all the 3 ladies look so young and bold!
    Hail ASD and Hail Boss Ladies

  6. Great story!

  7. Lavanika Jaisingh says:

    Loved Design Maison! Great branding solutions.

  8. Riya Deshpande says:

    Placing an order with Vidhika’s Label for Diwali for the greeting cards. Loved them!

  9. Four Legged Designs is the perfect brand for a pet owner! So so cute.

  10. Vow 3at a time. Really feels great to see such a big and successful women power. Keep it up girls u all r osam….. 👍

  11. It’s proud to see all of you doing so good. Keep it up girls. ASD team you guys also are too good. Giving such a article is a motivation to youngsters.

  12. Vow after reading feels that should start somthing of own. Working in creative Co but now feels have to create somthing for my own. All the best to all of you n great surprise ASD on Wednesday.

  13. It’s nice to see young girls working so hard. I want my daughter to start somthing like this. Best of luck to all of you

  14. Rishikesh Juneja says:

    Fantastic article.

    Not one that you can choose more or lesser than the other. All doing a great job. More to power to them!

  15. I am also having pet and luved the name fourleggedesign….. Luv it

  16. This is great. Loved reading it.

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