From working at a call centre to finding his way to Global Domination!

From working at a call centre to finding his way to Global Domination!

Abhishek Kulkarni, Chairman and Managing Director, Million Group of Companies had no back up since he was a child, but was always certain that he wanted to do something of his own. After working at a call center for 7 long years, he decided to quit his job and do something on his own. With no real experience or knowledge, A Real Estate consultancy firm came into being since that was all he could start with, with zero capital investment. However, learning on the job goes a long way, and Abhishek is a true example of that.

“I’ll be honest, this business wasn’t started out of a passion but it was a sheer necessity to earn money, legitimately. And also, I thought Real Estate would be a great learning opportunity for me to know about all the other sectors as I would get an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from people working in various other sectors. And of course, any individual, industry or company will always need Real Estate to do any business in terms of setting up industries, offices etc. so I was positive for it to work, and it did,” says Abhishek. Years later, Million SqFt Realty is going strong since they work into the luxury segment working with developers developing branded residential and commercial spaces in Tier I and Tier II cities and clients ranging from Bollywood celebrities, industrialists and corporates and they also recently scaled their business to Dubai and London. Their vision by 2030, is to be fully operational across 80-100 countries globally.

While this is one of the key things under the Million Group of Companies portfolio, they are also into Media (publishing of a men’s lifestyle magazine – Just Urbane), healthcare (HelpEaze), Billion-Air Aerospace (Aviation) and Urbane Talents (Celebrity management services). But all this scale and expansion doesn’t come easy and is a result of a lot of hard work. “I don’t come from a Real Estate background and moreover a call centre employee directly getting into the luxury segment of Real Estate is quite a challenge. Moreover, we are talking about getting people to trust you with an investment of 3-5 Crs, and as a new bee, it was very hard to gain that trust. It’s taken long time to overcome these barriers, and is still a work in progress, but one day at I time, I guess,” says Abhishek with a smile on his face.

As a businessman, his only piece of advice to anyone starting out would be – “Always give the client what he/she wants and not what you have or want to sell,” wiser words have not been said. Having said that of course, being a consultant, provides for exactly that. However, apart from this, he adds on by said that regardless of the business one is in, if the product solves for a problem, that’s half the job done, and we couldn’t agree more.

Of the many problems one may have, Million Group of companies definitely solves for a few. Find him at: Instagram


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  6. Too good Abhishek. Keep it up.

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