101 on how to evolve, adapt and stay relevant in the current times – Introducing Bro Eat!

101 on how to evolve, adapt and stay relevant in the current times – Introducing Bro Eat!

Pawan Shahri, Co-Founder, Bro Eat (Also the MD of Butterfly High, Bigg Small Café & Oi Bar and Kitchen), started his journey in the F&B space at the tender age of 16. He was in college when he started exploring the night life scene in Mumbai. Being a regular at some of these places, he started promoting them through word of mouth. A few months in, he was an event promoter and also helped these places sell tickets for events.

After working in the nightlife and hospitality industry for a few years, he formed his own social media agency called Chrome Communications. As Chrome Communications evolved and established its name in the hospitality industry, an investor saw the potential of his team and its capabilities and offered them to be part of a new hospitality venture from scratch, that’s how Butterfly High was formed. Post the instant success of this establishment, the only way forward was expansion and hence they came up with The Bigg Small Café + Bar.

Like every other industry, hospitality is definite to change (and more so than others) in the post Covid scenario. “Currently, in the post Covid-19 era for hospitality, it is about finding the right balance between what format of business will work in the long run, either it is retail of prepackaged products, or home delivery or eventually dine in. However, at the end of the day with all the rules and regulations we have to keep in mind safety and hygiene. Our biggest concern as a business owner is to now build brands that are also commercially sustainable and resilient in the long run for us in this ‘new normal’,” says Pawan.

With food deliveries becoming the next being thing, Pawan saw potential and thus, came into being – Bro Eat. Bro Eat is India’s first ever WhatsApp based Community platform for home deliveries for the Restaurants, by the Restaurants. It was conceptualized basis the fact that almost everyone today is on WhatsApp, and is a platform that is already equipped with end to end encryption which safeguards it from security issues, that a regular app might face with user data. Keeping in mind WhatsApp’s wide audience base, and it’s ease of use they decided that it was a better platform to use to create Bro Eat. The major reason for its existence is to not compete with aggregators but create its own space in delivery system.

They have 150+ brands with almost 2000 outlets on board right now. To access Bro Eat you have to go onto their website or their social media and scan the QR code and you can have your food delivered.

Apart from being a relevant community building idea in the current times, Bro Eat is trying to support restauranteurs, now more than ever. “In order to support the Restaurants, we will charge them ZERO fees till 30th August 2020. Post that, a standard fee starting INR 5/- per order placed will be applicable to restaurants for connecting them directly to their customers, which allows them to take control of their food take away & delivery business. This would allow them to serve safer food, earn better margins and protect jobs,” says Pawan.

So with that – Bro, let’s just Eat?

Say hello to them at: Website


  1. This is such a good initiative..

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    Just the push I needed to get through this day!!!!

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    I’m legit going to be the person who posts this on every story because I wait for your stories ya

  4. Loved this story very well written. 😊

  5. Interesting idea ordering soon

  6. Your content has completely changed since COVID.
    Have seen you guys post super big stories to know creating solid content relevant to today.
    You guys are really the 101 to adapting, evolving and staying relevant. Kudos to that!

  7. When u go beyond……gr8 ideas like r born

  8. Pls do more stories
    You guys don’t realize the audience y’all have created and we are impatiently waiting for a mail that says A Success Diary has posted a new story
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    1. Hey Ravi,
      First off, thank you for the kind words. We most certainly do realize that, and are ever so grateful to you guys for the constant love coming our way.
      Lots of interesting stories coming up. Trust your emails to keep you posted!

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  13. I love your stories, they really make up my day 💖

  14. When will these paid collabs stop, plis tell

    1. Hi Madhav,
      We write so we can tell stories that can make a difference in a small little way. We do that regardless of it being paid or editorial. Hope that clarifies and happy reading 🙂

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    1. Hi Team, we’ve responded to your email earlier today. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

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