COVID-19: From a Doctor’s point of view!

COVID-19: From a Doctor’s point of view!

As we battle through these testing times, we had a quick chat with Dr. Prahlad Prabhudesai, Consultant – Chest and Respiratory specialist at Lilavati Hospital with over 28 years of experience.

While a lot has been spoken about Coronavirus (COVID-19), what most of us still remain unaware about is what the medical fraternity is currently experiencing and what we can really do to help them right now, as they help us. Quoting Dr. Prabhudesai –

1. In case you or a family member often visit a doctor for routine checkups, especially the elderly, please completely avoid that. This is not the time to be visiting your local GP or even hospitals for regular checkups. Doctors needs to invest their time and resources in those who need immediate medical attention, and as patients you need to avoid clinics and hospitals (unless absolutely needed) for your own safety. That being said, we are here to serve you, feel free to call and contact us at any given point of time and we will let you know if you need to visit a doctor.

2. In case you need to visit a doctor or hospital, there should not be more than one accompanying person with you. This is a sincere request. For your own safety and those of others, do not overcrowd hospitals.

3. The government is taking enough and more initiatives to create awareness on everything we must do as responsible citizens. India is still in Phase 2 and we are all jointly working to ensure it does not reach Phase 3, please do your bit.

4. In the current scenario, I can assure you, every single person from the medical profession, with support from the government is doing everything possible to accumulate resources if the situation worsens. Do not panic, we must prepare ourselves for all scenarios.

We were curious to know how the medical fraternity is coping up with this given the high risk at their jobs. He says, “There most certainly is fear and it’s constantly at the back of our mind. But we chose this profession and it means the most to us at times like this. Today, as citizens, you need us the most – and we’ll do everything in our capacity to control the situation. However, our families and people around us didn’t choose this, so we are doing everything to ensure their safety as well and hopefully we’ll all come out of this strong and together.”

On asking him his thoughts on the current panic & mayhem, he adds, “The current situation is like a war. It’s a battle and we are all soldiers – except the field is your home, so do not leave it unless you really have to. In the next week and a half, we should have a better understanding of the current situation and will know the direction it’s headed in. But, do not panic.”

He signs off by saying, “Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise well. We will get through this together.”

Team A Success Diary, salutes doctors, nurses and everyone else in the service industry that is putting us before themselves right now.

Message from Team ASD –

We sympathize with all those affected and their families. As we deal with it one day at a time, we urge you to be aware and responsible and not panic. The good, bad and everything in between, we’re always together! Now let’s go wash our hands.


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  16. Mr. Sujesh Yadav says:

    Really want to sit down with your founder/creative writer someday to understand how amongst all this clutter this article is so relevant and something about this is so lovely to read it. Shared in all my whatsapp groups and showed to my daughters alsoo. ppl really need to read such things right now.

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