Dance through the madness, and so, they did!

Dance through the madness, and so, they did!

Nicole Concessao, Co-founder, Team Naach tried her hands had multiple jobs – Sales, Content Writing, Market Research, PR, Influencer Marketing etc, before she finally found her passion in dance and started Team Naach, with her partner, Sonal Devraj. She was working in PR when she started Naach with Sonal, which started off as a hobby to get her mind off work. The duo are college friends who met on the college dance team. They visited a studio in Khar, where the owners of the space just bounced off the idea of the both of them teaching Bollywood at that space. They took up the offer and started it as a hobby in April 2014. However, soon after, it went from being just a hobby to a full time profession.

“Leaving a full time job takes a little courage and a whole lot of motivation. I was working full-time when I began Naach & I took about a year to finally decide that I’m going to quit & focus entirely on Naach. I was encouraged by my mentor at work & it felt like the right time because it was time for me to move on from my PR job too. However, it took us about 2 years or more before we felt like we’ve achieved anything. We honestly owe it to YouTube for giving us the platform to be able to put our work out there. After we began the channel, in about 5-6 months we started seeing a steady growth and that’s when we felt like something bigger is coming our way,” says Nichole. A few years later, they’re at 2.8Mn subscriber base on YouTube.

Nicole Concessao (on the left), Sonal Devraj (on the right)

The duo began their YouTube channel in 2016 to create content for their online audience. Prior to that, they primarily focused on Dance Fitness videos. Although, the process of creating dance videos is a lot more than just dancing. When they’d just started out, they’d shoot on Sonal’s DSLR with a tripod and Nichole would edit it with the basics she’d learnt on the internet. They’d shoot the video at the same studio they’d take classes at. It’s only with time now, that they have brands that collaborate with them for their outfits and an entire team that helps them with location scouting, shooting, post production etc.

They recently collaborated with Disney India and flew down to Tokyo to interview Will Smith. Yes, Will Smith, in case you didn’t read that right the first time around.

However, starting out, their biggest challenge was to market their work to a larger audience initially. But social media changed the game for them. Also, at one point, Naach was the only thing they were doing so making sure they earned enough to breakeven with dance classes and were able to get freelancing jobs. That being said, if there’s one piece of advice Nicole could share, it is – “For those who are starting right now, there are a lot of dancers who are extremely talented and creating amazing choreography. Get motivated to join them, collaborate more, create more diverse content & train more! It’s important to continue learning no matter what.”

After all, without dance, what’s the pointe?

Check them out for more dance madness: Instagram


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  4. It’s a best thing in life.ur hobby becomes ur career.

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