You dream it, they’ll plan it – The Midas Touch

You dream it, they’ll plan it – The Midas Touch

Riddhima Jain, Founder The Midas Touch, started off her brand as an attempt to try her hand at something different and creative. What started off as a gifting solutions brand has today become a full-fledged events company that specializes in all kinds of events.

The Midas Touch essentially means the ability to make anything successful – and that’s exactly what the brand stands for. Be it an event for 350 people or a customized dinner party for two, they’ll be sure to make it special and memorable. Riddhima says, “Each event takes a lot of planning and strategizing. The idea is to put together something that people will always remember so it’s an experience and not just another party. And the only way of doing that is to customize and personalize the occasion so it’s a memory that they’ll treasure forever. In due course of time, I’ve realized and understood, that I enjoy doing smaller events just as much as I do the big ones.”

One would normally easily think of having someone plan a birthday party or a bridal shower. But a USP she and her team bring to the table is to plan smaller occasions to make them special. So be it a play date on someone’s terrace, a birthday dinner for two, they’ve got you covered. She tells us about a recent event when one of her clients had delivered a baby girl. The husband had Riddhima and her team decorate the entire house just before they came home with the baby as a surprise to his wife. Making your special moments, even more special!

“I’ve seen families come together through these parties and events. I recently planned a small birthday do at someone’s home. The birthday boy’s family is a little traditional and therefore were reluctant to fully give into the celebrations. However, after they saw the décor and details – all of them (grandparents included), decided to go change their clothes, dress up for the occasion and join the celebrations,” says Riddhima. We believe, that is what it means to make a regular event an experience.

The best part is that they can also help you with party favors and décor. They have clients from London, Mexico etc. who always take back customized party favors on every trip to India – a lot of times Riddhima also has them shipped. They’ve planned virtual parties with these clients who’ve only made it to India a day before the actual celebration. “There’s no better feeling in the world when your clients completely trust you,” says Riddhima.

Over the last 20 days, they’ve planned multiple events owing to the festivities. Be it a card party for Diwali, or planning a celebration for 150 people, or a brunch party – they’ve done it all. “My job is chaotic, busy and keeps me on my toes – but there’s no other way I’d rather have it. Life’s an event, we’ll just help you plan it better,” adds Riddhima.

So, if you’re planning an event, don’t forget to invite them! #CelebrateMoments

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