In these unprecedented times, let’s acknowledge the good work – In conversation with the founders of Meditourz!

In these unprecedented times, let’s acknowledge the good work – In conversation with the founders of Meditourz!

Meditourz is a Medical and Wellness Tourism Company that offers safe, affordable and quality healthcare no matter where you are by connecting patients with renowned medical experts and treatment centres in Mumbai, India. They are the first and only medical and wellness tourism company in India currently in the Regenerative and Holistic treatments space.

They look after everything from the patients’ stay, to travel within Mumbai while the patient can concentrate on what is really important to them i.e Their Health (Of course, this is subject to when things normalize). The company is run by Neeta & Aashnee Gajaria, also a real life mother daughter duo.

“It all started in 2017 when we read an article in the Guardian about a family in Dhaka, where in a father was pleading the Bangladeshi government for mercy killing for three of his own children, as they were suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and had no funds to help them improve any longer. Something moved within Neeta and me. Thus, with a singled-minded vision to create value in the lives of special need children, we partnered with one of India’s top neurosurgeons who are pioneers in Autologous Stem Cell Therapy and Neuro Rehabilitation, giving birth to Meditourz” says Aashnee.

Aashnee further recalls, “One of our patients moved from a special needs school to a normal school after we helped him. This was such a surreal feeling, to know that something we do has the ability to impact someone’s life, so deeply. Another autistic patient of ours did so well that he discovered a new skill of drawing animated figures. He is now taking it up as a course to enhance his skill,” she adds with a smile on her face.

Meditourz is an avid promoter of living a holistic lifestyle, and they’re glad that the post Covid scenario will bring about positive lifestyle changes. Although, given that their current business model extensively relies on travel, it has sure taken a hit. However, on the bright side, as the ‘new normal’ eventually resumes – health and wellness travel will regain its significance while leisure travel may see a drop. They’re currently trying to digitally be as active and present as they can, but it sure does have its shortcomings.

Starting off 3 years ago, they’ve had their share of challenges, but they’ve hustled their way through it. Be it the lack of awareness since they were first movers in the industry, or getting on-board the right resources – it sure has been a struggle. However, the idea of making a difference in people’s life has made it all worth it. Meditourz has successfully helped change lives of 1,500 patients, as on date.

Aashnee signs off by saying, “Making a difference by helping people begin their journey towards good health is all that we stand for – and at a time like this is when we truly realize the value of good health, so let’s never take it for granted again.”

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