When a personal need met a business dream, Corporate Collars came into being!

When a personal need met a business dream, Corporate Collars came into being!

Harsh Chheda, founder of Corporate Collars, shared with us some interesting insights on what it’s like to run a premier custom tailoring retail store. He launched the brand in October 2013, right after he had returned from the United States after completing his education. Mr. Chheda, saw a business opportunity that stemmed a personal need. He’s been between sizes all his life and has always found himself struggle to find the perfect fit between a small and medium. When he looked around, there weren’t too many ideas and that’s how the idea of starting a custom tailoring store began.

As a market, Men’s Fashion has always been underrated. While there are brands that offer solutions, they’re limited. Corporate Collars allows you to customize your piece right from, choosing the fabric to the kind of collars one would want, and all of this combined with machinery from Italy and Switzerland and threads from Germany along with perfect fits so you never have to settle. Reading all this – one may think, “I don’t have the time for all of this, all I need is my garment in time,” that’s exactly where Corporate collars on wheels comes in along with their commitment for express delivery within 48 hours. Trust us, for every problem you may think there is, they have a solution.

Being a Bombay based store, over a period of time, Mr. Chedda, also understood the struggle of traffic and time. After facing a personal battle with traffic in the city, he introduced the concept of ‘Corporate Collars on wheels’. This first of its kind concept stands true to taking the store to the consumer instead of them going to the store. After all, every business that meets consumer needs will excel. That’s exactly how the brand claims to offer all these things – Perfect Fit, Precise Tailoring, and Prompt Service.

Let us know run through what this process would look like – Fix an appointment, visit their store (or have them visit you, if you’re booked through Corporate Collars on Wheels), choose a fabric, give your measurement and get exactly what you expect in 48 hours. The best part? Once they have your measurements, the details are stored in their data base. So unless your size changes, you can always skip that step!

As we’re almost at the end of 2018, we were curious to know what the brand has in store for us in the year to come. “We are looking at growing our footprints. While we are looking at organic growth, it’s very important for us to be sustainable at the same time,” says Harsh. Their products range from 2.4K to over 20K also depending on whether they are shirts, ties and suits and the fabrics selected.

He also adds, “It’s important to know what you enjoy and continue doing that. Because retail as a space is very difficult. It’s important to always stay relevant and focused. But, as long as you enjoy it and are passionate, you definitely will succeed sooner or later. Lastly, knowledge is key. Because, clients today know exactly what they expect and thus to keep up with that one has to keep themselves updated.”

Harsh Chheda has a business model that solves every customer need within the Men’s Fashion space.

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