She quit a well-paying job, turned down IIM and pursued her dreams – In conversation with Tejal Chopra

She quit a well-paying job, turned down IIM and pursued her dreams – In conversation with Tejal Chopra

Tejal Chopra & Co a digital marketing agency, founded by Tejal herself, helps businesses rewire their marketing approach and amplify their sales strategies.

Tejal is an electrical engineer by qualification who bagged a job at Amazon straight out of college. After working with the E-com giant for a while, she realized it was time to move on if she wanted to venture out on her own. She understood, the key to starting out, is realizing the right time to quit a well-paying job.

“Infact I cleared CAT twice, with 95 & 95.88 percentiles in 2 consecutive years. However, I wanted to start my corporate career, work for at least 2-3 years before going in for a management degree. The second time I gave CAT, I was with Amazon. Because my friends applied for it, I did too but while working there I had zero time to prepare. Both times, I got calls from IIM Indore & the 2nd time specifically, almost all the new IIMs too (Trichy,Udaipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak etc). I converted IIM Indore & some of the new IIMs I filled an application for (Trichy, Udaipur, Raipur etc). Although, I decided against an MBA and eventually decided to pursue my entrepreneurial instincts,” says Tejal.

She adds, “That’s when Tejal Chopra & Co came about. We now have an awesome team to help passionate business owners reach their target audience in unimaginable ways & automate their sales. Because that’s the goal right? Firstly, to reach the right audience who needs their help & then help them via their products, services & influence. All while making sales on autopilot. We work with solopreneurs & small businesses. Basically Coaches, Course Creators service-based businesses, Personal Brands & online entrepreneurs.”

A year into starting her own agency business, she wanted to experiment with Instagram, so as to help her clients better. Thus, she started performing a lot of experiments and tests to grow her Instagram better. She noticed a massive inflow of people, businesses, entrepreneurs to grow their handles on social media, but didn’t have the budget for it. So she began coaching them and continued at it for 8 months. Soon enough, she decided to launch her own online course so people could take it up at their own time and schedule. The BETA version of the course is out for her existing audience. She plans to scale the course to a larger audience by this quarter and the meanwhile also continues session based coaching to clients from India, US & the UK.

While Covid has affected marketing budgets across, it has also led to massive increase in online digital consumption. Businesses are now moving from offline to online, which will inturn only boost the digital marketing ecosystem in the months to come.

She signs off by telling us her work motto (also something that we strongly believe at A Success Diary), “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them, and an idea well marketed, is a dream come true anyway.”

Find her at: Instagram


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