She’s the girl next door, but she’s also the girl on Forbes 30 under 30 – Nobody, but Mithila Palkar

She’s the girl next door, but she’s also the girl on Forbes 30 under 30 – Nobody, but Mithila Palkar

It was one random evening when Mithila Palkar posted a ‘cup song’ on YouTube. Little did she imagine for the video to go viral and garner close to 4.4Mn views in no time. However, apart from her skill and talent, it was her rather infectious energy that immediately caught everyone’s attention. Palkar, always knew that she wanted to grow up to be an actor and it was the age of 12 when she had her first on stage experience at an event in school. 13 years later, she’s the same person who’s given us series and movies like Little Things, Girl in the city, Karwaan to name only a few.

Having said that, the struggle has been nothing short of hard work. “I come with zero contacts within the industry and it has definitely been exciting but yet, difficult. It’s a lot of hard work, of course. But needless to say, one is required to work hard despite of the contacts one may or may not have. However, for me, it has been a process of a lot of auditions – networking through the contacts I’ve made at auditions and also through the theater festival I am a part of. I’ve done a lot of work even before the cup song came out, although, I was truly recognized after the release of it,” adds Mithila. Her infectious energy and her positive outlook to her work were definitely admirable. Pro Tip – It’s not going to come easy, but you have to keep at it.

The second half of this year has been big for her. Two big projects that she’d been working on were received extremely well by the audience. Both, Karwaan and Little Things Season 2. Karwaan was her big Bollywood break, so to say. She says, “I knew the director of Karwaan (Akarsh Khurana) from the theater festival I am part of. He told me, that Nandini was the casting director and she’d be getting in touch with me soon since he wanted me to audition for the film among a few others. So, I auditioned for it, post which I was short listed. Then, there was a look test and post that, I got the film. As easy as the process may sound in person, trust me, it’s not.” Little Things season 2 came out shortly after Karwaan, and from the big screen we saw her take over the internet, yet again “Little Things changed a lot for me as well. The most rewarding part has been for people to recognize me as Kavya,” she adds.

Behind every successful woman, is her tribe that’s pushing her to always achieve more. Mithila too, has a bunch of such strong and successful women to credit her success to. Right from her grandmother, who has taught her perseverance and to dream big and fight for what she wants; to her sister, who was probably the only person who didn’t laugh at her dream of wanting to be an actor; to her mentor, Toral Shah, who’s always been there for her; and the list can go on. While she definitely has the right people by her side, one can’t take away from all that she has worked hard for.

On that note, Mithila gives every budding actor and entrepreneur a piece of advice we’d all agree to and that is to believe in yourself, because if you won’t, no one else will.

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  1. yeeeee its a saturday and again a superb success story. thanks thanks thanks ASD

  2. From cup song to movie. Vow…… all the best mithila.

  3. Too good. Motivating story. 👍

  4. Mitila pleasure to read your journey from cup song to karwaan. Thanks ASD to always give us new to read.

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