There are no problems, without solutions – In conversation with Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

There are no problems, without solutions – In conversation with Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Dr. Siddhant Bhargava was studying medicine where somewhere through the course of college, his life changed completely. At all of 21, he was diagnosed with Lupus (Lupus: A disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your tissues and organs). He was put on medication to combat the disease, however, his immunity had completely been compromised. The next 6-8 months were a daily fight and battle to not only feel better but also process all of that he was going through. When you’ve had a singular dream all your life – i.e. to be a doctor, one can only try to find a solution of how he could make that happen. He was studying at a public hospital in Bombay after clearing his MBBS. Although, in less than weeks’ time he contracted a virus called HPV due to is low immunity. This was the point when he realized he may not be able to pursue being practicing doctor at a hospital.

The next few months were tough and also self-introspective that led him to decide where he wanted to take his career. “Getting diagnosed with Lupus was easily one of the toughest times of my life. I had no idea what had hit me. I woke up one morning, losing some hair. I ignored it. Through the course of the next 17 days I lost every single spec of hair on my body. It took a toll on my confidence, the way I look and everything else. However, once I knew I couldn’t be a practicing doctor at a hospital – I knew I could either let this phase me out completely, or figure it out and do something else. The good thing I’d learned the past few months was – empathy towards people and the importance of aesthetics in one’s minds and how the world thinks of you basis that. Which is when the thought of doing something in nutrition came along and also so that I’d still get to be in my field of interest without having to deal with patients who could possibly infect me in anyway,” says Bhargava.

This idea became a reality when he met his three other partners – each of whom wanted to do something in a similar space. 4 of them came together to build ‘Food Darzee’ – a platform that allows you to customize and tailor make your meals basis the health goal you want to achieve. At the same time, the wave of the ketogenic diet was picking up and Bhargava became an active advocate of it by putting a lot of his clients on it too.

The company has different verticals such as –
1. Coached by Food Darzee that works on a consultation model. Which means if they aren’t available in your city or you cannot afford their food services, they give you recipes and food recommendations customized to your health goal.
2. Baked by Food Darzee which is an online bakery that provides for healthy dessert options.
3. Subscription model where you can order your daily meals from them that are customized to your health and fitness goal.

However, he adds, “While these are the company verticals, the main pillars of Food Darzee are the 4 partners because of the scale we operate at it would be impossible without any one of us.”

They have massive scalability plans for 2020, that start with expanding to more cities and also launching their APP. The company caters to clients like Sara Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt and have rapidly paved their way into Bollywood through word of mouth.

As he signs off, we’ll leave you with one thought – The next time someone says, something cannot work out. Always know, there is a solution. You just have to find it!

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